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Distributed Energy Management

Measuring, monitoring and orchestrating DERs.

Optimize distributed energy resources and their impact on the grid.

Leveraging DERs as utility resources for grid optimization.

With rapid integration of renewables and distributed technologies onto the grid, you’re challenged with maintaining power quality, balancing supply and demand, and ensuring adequate distribution capacity. Itron helps you do exactly that. 

Forecast measuring

Forecasting: Measuring

Improve forecasting capabilities within the distribution grid with our DERMS.



Grow revenue and offer more valuable EV services with proper monitoring and management.



Offer new services to gain visibility and control over DERs, improve reliability, lower rates and enable customers to maximize their value.

Customer Successes

Raising the Bar: Automated Residential Price-Based Demand Response

“The Energy Select program results in significant improvements in customer satisfaction and proven reductions in peak demand. Itron has been a valued partner in helping us bring this innovative program to the marketplace. It was only natural that we would extend our work with them to enhance the Energy Select program by adopting the IntelliSOURCE platform.”

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Customer satisfaction rates as high as 95%

Empowering Customers to Meet Demand Response Goals

“Our program reflects PHI’s commitment to reduce energy consumption and to support initiatives. Itron gives us more flexibility to manage peak energy demand and controls needed to optimize events to ensure we have the capacity available.”

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Over 456,000 energy management devices installed, more than 400MW load reduction

Pay-for-Performance Exceeds Curtailment Goals

“We will have more control over the cost of meeting our utility obligations with a more diverse resource mix. This also allows us to rely less on conventional supply-side resources with costs widely fluctuating from high fuel prices.”


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20% greater load reduction than anticipated

Strategic load shaping programs = stronger utility/customer relationships

It’s no secret that most people only think about their utility when something bad happens. With Itron, our partnership and solutions offer you a host of customer programs that deliver incentives, comfort, convenience, technology and bill savings - creating dozens of options for positive touchpoints with your customers.

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Featured Use Cases

Smart Home Optimization

Explore how rate analysis, market outreach and automated price-responsive home DER orchestration of electric vehicles (EV), battery storage and HVAC systems are impacting customers in California.

Non-Wires Alternatives

Discover how to defer significant infrastructure investments and upgrades with non-wires alternatives to manage peak load, just like Itron customer Central Hudson did.

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IntelliSOURCE Enterprise

IntelliSOURCE Enterprise helps you manage energy efficiency programs and distributed energy resources. 

Smart Devices

Itron supports 3rd party devices and systems (AMI-enabled load control switches, thermostats, EVs, PV panels, battery storage and EMS systems) plus Itron-sourced devices to support your DSM programs.


DR: A Distributed Energy Resource for Today and Tomorrow

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eBook: How Utilities are Planning for Distributed Energy Resources

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Itron’s Demand Response Solution Receives Grid Edge 2018 Award for Leadership at the Edge

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Targeted Demand Management

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The Smart Home Study

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Demystify and better manage DERs with solutions from Itron. Contact us to learn more.