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Itron’s commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate practices begins with our Board of Directors. Members of our Board are kept informed of our business through discussions with our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and other officers, by reviewing materials provided to them, by visiting our offices and plants and by participating in meetings of the Board and its committees.

As shown below, Governance is an integral part of Itron's corporate ethos.

Itron is a global company and we are subject to the laws of many different countries. Itron has certain policies and procedures in place to help employees identify potential problem areas that can arise when conducting business internationally. We have always been committed to conducting our affairs with the utmost ethical integrity and adherence to applicable laws.

We expect our employees to comply with the letter and the spirit of all laws and regulations applicable to our operations. In addition, we foster an environment of open, honest communication, and we encourage all employees to raise their questions or concerns.

Code of Conduct
To help ensure our ethical and legal compliance, Itron has created a Code of Conduct which describes the expectations we have set for our Company and for our employees. This Code of Conduct governs how our employees should interact with each other, our clients, and our competitors.

Employees must complete yearly training to refresh their understanding of our latest standards and re-emphasize our compliance requirements.