Redefining Demand Response and Energy Efficiency

Optimized grid performance. Increased reliability. Improved customer engagement. With the recent acquisition of Comverge, Itron now delivers leading Distributed Energy Management and energy efficiency solutions to electric utilities. From dynamic pricing and load control to integrating distributed energy resources, Itron has the technology you need to operate more efficiently and effective than ever.

Better Business Outcomes

What if you could reduce outage detection and analysis time by half? Improve the accuracy of energy theft detection by 300 percent? Detect unsafe grid conditions before they become serious safety problems? Maintain proper loading on your transformers amid rapidly increasing use of solar and EVs? Itron Networks addresses these new and unique challenges to deliver business outcomes that current-generation systems cannot.
Active Grid meets IoT

Active Grid meets IoT

Municipal & Cooperative Utilities

We understand the unique challenges and operational environments that municipal and cooperative utilities face. Learn how we are helping utilities and cities like yours thrive in today’s changing landscape.

Active + Interoperable

OpenWay helps Duke Energy in the quest for smart grid interoperability.

Leading Advancements in Interoperability

Duke Energy's Coalition of the Willing initiative features the OpenWay solution to monitor changing grid conditions, resulting from increased distributed energy resources. The COW-II is focused on building microgrids that are more simple and cost effective to operate. They do this by enabling advanced interoperability among disparate monitoring and control systems.

Itron Networks

New challenges require new thinking. Itron Networks redefines what is possible in grid operations by combining reliable, high-performance communications with distributed intelligence in meters and edge devices. For the first time, devices can analyze data in real time and take action in response to rapidly changing grid conditions.
Customer Success Story
Connecting with Customers through AMI

Customer Success Story

Achieve a Balanced Grid

With Itron Grid Connectivity, you can accurately identify meter-to-transformer and meter-to-phase connectivity, using only hourly voltage data—without the need for expensive hardware or field labor.

Make Solar Work

Integrating renewables? Learn how Itron is factoring intermittent solar production into energy forecasts.

With the exponential growth of solar, the importance of an accurate energy demand forecast has never been greater. Itron forecasters have developed a new forecasting framework and software that accurately predicts the load volatility caused by the intermittency of widespread distributed energy resources so reserve generation can be scheduled much more cost effectively. Learn more about Energy Forecasting Solutions.

Manage Peak Loads

From grid stability to the cost of peaker plants, the stakes are high when managing peak load. Itron smart metering and MDM systems pioneered scalable, mass-market dynamic pricing and demand response programs at some of the nation's largest utilities. The multi-application network infrastructure and the distributed intelligence of Itron Networks enable you to precisely target demand response and load control events.

Now, you can deliver more predictable results and better outcomes than ever before with smart solutions from Itron.

More Than a Cash Register

Meters are a key component of your operations. But with AMI smart meters from Itron, you get a device that collects, processes and transmits a range of vital energy information to your systems.
Rather than simply inserting a network communication card into a standard meter, Itron developed an advanced meter where calculations and usage data are calculated within the meter itself, allowing you to leverage time-based rates, demand response, home networking and many other smart grid applications. Learn more about OpenWay CENTRON >

If you’re looking for the most advanced meter on the market today, consider our OpenWay Riva CENTRON meter—it builds on all of the capabilities of our industry-leading OpenWay CENTRON but adds capabilities for adaptive communications (leveraging RF and advanced PLC in the same meter, while being Wi-Fi ready), distributed intelligence, peer-to-peer communications, and the strength of the OpenWay Riva network. Learn more about OpenWay Riva CENTRON >

Make the Case for AMI

Leveraging Itron’s OpenWay AMI system, DTE Energy has enhanced operating efficiency by enabling remote disconnect and reconnect, automating grid performance and empowering consumers using the DTE Insight mobile app. Watch to learn more about their program and how they’re making the most of their resources for millions of customers in Michigan.
From consumer engagement and remote service connections to distribution automation and load control, learn more about DTE Energy’s AMI program. DTE Energy representatives Bob Sitkauskas, Brian Moccia, Emmett Romine and Mark Switala discuss the program’s goals and successes to date.

AMI, Backed by Experience

With over 145 million communications devices deployed worldwide, Itron knows how to connect utilities to their data. For today’s AMI programs, Itron’s smart meters, multi-application communications network—powered by Cisco and based on a true IPv6 architecture—data management and analytics applications are second to none. We’ll help you make the most of your AMI investment and become as efficient, effective and ready for tomorrow as possible.

Meet the New Data

With intelligence and analysis at the edge, OpenWay Riva puts the right data in the right place.
Some business problems are best solved locally, others are best solved in the utility back office. Itron understands this distinction. That's why our OpenWay Riva IoT solution provides distributed intelligence to enable data analysis and action at the edge of the network when it's needed. Combined with Itron's IEE meter data management solution—the industry's leading MDM—and our Itron Analytics suite—which unlocks powerful business outcomes—we are combing data with utility operations expertise to deliver exceptional results to our customers like never before. Meet the new data: More valuable, more insightful and more useful—not just more of it.
Engage and Empower Consumers

Engage and Empower Consumers

Stop Energy Theft

BC Hydro in Vancouver, B.C. has used the data from its OpenWay system to reduce energy theft by 80 percent—greatly improving safety while helping keep costs low for all utility customers.

Our Solutions

Whatever your challenges, Itron has the technology, software and services to help you achieve the business outcomes you need. Learn more about our solutions or contact us today.

Smart Grid + Distribution Management

Distributed intelligence and Active Grid solutions for utilities and smart cities.

By enabling true interoperability and distributed intelligence, Itron Neworks deliver delivers greater business outcomes than ever before. With a distribution network that adapts and reacts to changing conditions in real time—one with the intelligence to do what it can, when it needs to, and to know when it needs help from the back office—Itron is creating the Active Grid.

AMI / Data Collection

Advanced, insightful data collection to make your operations more efficient and reliable.

With Itron's advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions, you can propel your operations to the next level and deliver the service—and value—your customers demand.

  • IEE Meter Data Management – Industry-leading MDM solutions to help you manage your smart grid and AMI data.
  • Itron Total Outcomes – Itron's leading capabilities in metering, communications, data management, analysis and managed services, together in a simplified, subscription-based pricing structure.
  • Smart Payment – If you're using an AMI system with two-way smart meters equipped with remote switches, you have everything you need to start a smart payment program.
  • Itron Analytics – Make the most of your smart grid and AMI data with powerful, outcome-based analytics from Itron.

Energy Design + Analysis

Software and experience to assist you in solving your most complex energy and forecast problems.

Learn more about our energy design, forecasting and research solutions:

  • Conservation + Demand Response – With Itron, you can partner with your customers to proactively manage peak load and reduce demand in response to market, price and system signals.

  • Customer Care + Billing – Our comprehensive software portfolio supports rate and profitability analysis, complex billing for large C&I customers and presentation of usage and billing information over the Internet to both residential and C&I customers.

  • Energy Forecasting + Load Research – Accurate forecasts provide the foundation for daily operations, market planning and risk management.

  • Itron Analytics –  Make the most of your smart grid and AMI data with powerful, outcome-based analytics from Itron.

Meter Data Management

Market-leading solutions for managing critical and insightful metering-based data. 

Selecting the right meter data management solution not only helps you achieve a reasonable return on your investments, but it's a prerequisite to an advanced metering or smart grid initiative. Itron's MDM solution can help you maximize that return.

Electricity Meters + Modules

From smart residential meters to complex C&I applications, Itron has the metering solution for your needs.

Smart Payment

Generate cash flow for utilities, eliminate debt and reduce fraud and the costs of meter reading and billing.

Itron's smart payment solution provides customer enrollment, payment methods, billing system synchronization, low balance and disconnect alerts. Make the most of your resources with smart payment.

Advanced C&I Solutions 

Improve customer service, asset management and revenue assurance for large commercial and industrial consumers.

Large commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users represent the majority of your utility's load and revenue. Better understand and manage these customers—as well as improve their satisfaction—with Itron's advanced C&I solutions for electricity C&I customers.


Backed by decades of experience, Itron has the right mix of technology, services and experience to deliver outstanding results.

Hardware. Software. Services. Whatever you need, Itron has the right mix of technology, services and experience to deliver outstanding results. Let our comprehensive services offerings drive your success.

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