Demand Response for Today’s Evolving Grid

Supply and demand fluctuations can adversely impact the cost and reliability of electricity. Extreme weather. Unexpected plant repairs. Downtime caused by something you never could have anticipated. Renewable sources of energy coming online. Even routine maintenance. They all contribute. Make the most of your resources with DR solutions from Itron.
The thirst for cheap, steady, and dependable electricity just keeps growing. From cost, practicality and timeline perspectives, building new power plants isn’t the answer.

Instead, there’s a better way: demand response. Demand response solutions start with the premise that you can have grid reliability and lower energy costs using the energy that already exists.

We not only provide demand response solutions, but we lead the industry, putting you back in control and on a cost-effective path to a more reliable grid.

Load Control

The energy mix is changing as traditional supply sources mix with less-reliable sources like solar and wind. Solutions from Itron play a critical role in ensuring reliability—but that’s just the beginning.
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Load control programs offer the environmental benefit of providing peaking capacity to utilities—without the need for investments in new power plants. When faced with a regulatory mandate to cut energy, all types of utilities can use load control programs to easily aggregate significant amounts of megawatts in a short time. And with increasingly volatile energy prices, a load control program can provide a great hedge when prices spike.

Our software, hardware and end-to-end services help you manage every aspect of a load control program. From participant recruitment and device installation to call center support and measurement and verification, we’re there at every step. It’s big-picture thinking with tactical execution—and a deep understanding of how it all fits together.

Dynamic Pricing

A dynamic pricing program provides better control for customers—giving them choice in what they pay and when they choose to use power. It allows them to save money and energy, and in turn, helps utilities reduce peak load.
As dynamic pricing programs become more sophisticated, they’re receiving increased interest from federal and state regulators. Similarly, utilities understand the tremendous benefits from more effectively matching the end user’s price with the cost of generating the electricity.

With newer automated dynamic pricing programs, homeowners can not only program their energy-using devices to operate during off-peak hours (when energy is less expensive), they can automatically adjust consumption in response to price signals. The result? A pricing model that more effectively matches supply and demand.

Because of its flexibility, our dynamic pricing solution works with both AMI deployments or with utilities that have not yet invested in AMI. It also works with existing broadband and cellular networks to provide fast, reliable two-way communications. This means you can market and deploy a system to your highest usage customers with remarkable precision—without rolling out a full-scale AMI system.

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Bring Your Own Device

With bring your own device (BYOD) programs from Itron, your customers have more say in both devices and services—and you stay better connected with your customer base.
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BYOD programs can help you stay relevant with your customers by providing them with increased choice and value-added services.

Itron’s IntelliSOURCE-Connect™ cloud-based software enables you to easily include BYOD in new or existing demand response and energy efficiency programs. IntelliSOURCE-Connect is an integrated module of IntelliSOURCE Enterprise to give you a single platform for managing both direct install and BYOD devices across all customer classes.

The Itron Hands-free BYOT™ Solution enables public power utilities to implement Bring-Your-Own-Thermostat (BYOT) demand response programs at a lower cost and with minimal impact on operations.

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