Your Source for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a great complement to demand response programs. That's why Itron provides solutions designed to increase energy awareness among utility customers and inspire them to use electricity more efficiently.

The IntelliSOURCE-Customer™ module unlocks the latent customer engagement opportunities in a demand response program, moving demand response beyond its days as only an emergency capacity resource. The software enables you to deepen customer engagement by adding integrated energy efficiency capabilities to demand response programs, while also providing tools to better manage participation in a time-varying rate.

IntelliSOURCE-Customer includes native apps for iOS and Android for remote management of thermostats and other appliances, as well as an actionable tips engine that helps customers conveniently reduce household energy consumption. The IntelliSOURCE-Customer mobile app can also be used for demand response event overrides to give customers more choice and control as they participate in programs.

IntelliSOURCE-Customer provides many benefits for you and your customers:
  • Drive engagement through utility-branded app
  • Optimize energy savings for customers
  • Maximize participation in price-based demand response programs