Itron Grid Connectivity

Ensure grid reliability while lowering field costs with machine learning.
Itron Grid Connectivity

Achieve a Balanced Grid

With Itron Grid Connectivity, you can accurately identify meter-to-transformer and meter-to-phase connectivity, using only hourly voltage data—and without the need for expensive hardware or field labor.

Every electric utility can improve accuracy of smart grid applications such as outage restoration, revenue protection, load balancing, system planning, voltage optimization, asset optimization with accurate knowledge of meter-to-phase and transformer connectivity. Itron Grid Connectivity can ensure proper meter-to-phase alignment with patented algorithms that determine the precise connectivity from every meter to its distribution transformer, as well as the feeder phase supplying the power—all by leveraging the interval voltage data from smart meters. Now there’s no need for hardware or field personnel to accurately determine your grid connectivity. Itron Grid Connectivity eliminates the substantial costs and risks of sending personnel into the field to trace the circuit of every meter to its distribution feeder.

With Itron Grid Connectivity, you can:

  • Stay current on your meter-to-transformer connectivity model
  • Identify changes in the phase of the electrical circuit supplying each meter
  • Improve the accuracy of smart grid applications and operations
  • Reduce the substantial personnel and hardware costs associated with manual methods of meter phase identification

Itron Idea Labs

Born out of Itron Idea Labs, Itron Grid Connectivity leveraged the environment of innovation and agile development to accelerate product commercialization.

Itron Grid Connectivity

Learn more about how Itron Grid Connectivity can help manage grid operations without the high costs of field labor and clunky hardware associated with phase identification.