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Safety is the number one priority for gas utilities. With millions of miles of gas pipelines running across North America, automating maintenance activities and having instant access to the condition of gas pipelines and possible leaks can save time, money and lives. OpenWay Riva, the next-generation IoT solution, helps you sleep better at night knowing your distribution system is safe and secure.
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Municipal & Cooperative Utilities

We understand the unique challenges and operational environments that municipal and cooperative utilities face. Learn how we are helping utilities and cities like yours thrive in today’s changing landscape.

Using Methane Sensing to Enhance Safety

Con Edison, provider to over 3.5 million electric and 1.5 million gas customers in New York City and Westchester County, is the first company in the world to have a 10% lower flammable limit methane detection device that is AMI-enabled—leveraging Itron’s IoT and analytic solutions. Methane sensing quickly identifies, mitigates and prevents potential safety concerns by detecting leaks and quickly alerting emergency crews to improve safety for everyone in the communities they serve. Having insight to methane detection as early as possible avoids atmospheric readings that can lead to tragic events and enables a more proactive approach to safety and response.

A More Efficient State

Learn how Southern Connecticut Gas combined Itron AMI technology and services to create value well beyond traditional meter reading.
Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG) needed to improve operational efficiency. Itron provided the Itron Gas AMI solution. This advanced metering infrastructure equipped SCG with a comprehensive system that eliminated day-to-day meter management and provided actionable data to deliver value far beyond traditional meter reading.

“Itron has been a great partner to SCG for many years. Our relationship combined with Itron’s broad portfolio of proven, reliable AMI technologies, sensors and controls made Itron the logical choice.”

— Robert M. Allessio
President and CEO,
Southern Connecticut Gas

Read the Southern Connecticut Gas Case Study


Itron Intelis Gas Meter Recognized with 2019 IoT Breakthrough Award

A Revolution in Efficiency and Safety

With high-flow alarms, temperature sensors, air detection and an integrated shutoff valve, the OpenWay Riva Intelis Gas Meter enhances safety for utility personnel, end customers and the community at large.
Automated Meter Reading
Alabama gas corporation

Automated Meter Reading

Sweet Home Alabama

Thanks to Itron’s AMR system, Alagasco was able to solve the customer’s problem of high bill complaints. After the deployment of 494,000 communication modules, there was a 90 percent cost reduction per read and by gathering reads using a drive-by solution. Module readers could gather data more efficiently and spend time focusing on other value-add tasks like proactive maintenance. Itron’s modules ensured accuracy and streamlined data analysis while increasing customer satisfaction. Itron helps Alagasco save time and money.

Vectren Corporation Chooses Itron to Modernize Gas Infastructure

"This solution is integral to our mission to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to our customers."
— Natalie Hedde, Director of Corporate Communications at Vectren

Resource for the Future

Gas is a resource on the rise. It’s expected to be the second largest primary energy resource by 2035.

Customer Success Story
Connecting with Customers through AMI

Customer Success Story

The Gas Utility of the Future

In the age of IoT, the active network is creating new possibilities for gas utilities. Learn how Itron is leading the way in this article from AGA Magazine.

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Avista Selects Itron to Transform Energy Network

"We are fortunate to have a global leader that can help us realize our vision for a modernized grid and gas network."
— Heather Rosentrater, Vice President of Energy Delivery at Avista

Itron Collaborates with Roanoke Gas Company

"As we continue to modernize our gas distribution system, we found that Itron's smart gas solution perfectly met Roanoke Gas Company's needs."
— Jim Shockley, VP, Operations at Roanoke Gas Company

Questar Gas Chooses Itron to Upgrade Metering Infrastructure

"Implementing the right technology has been key to helping us operate as one of the most efficient natural gas utilities in the nation."

— Craig Wagstaff, President of Questar Gas

Our Solutions

Whatever your challenges, Itron has the technology, software and services to help you achieve the business outcomes you need. Learn more about our solutions or contact us today.

Smart Distribution Management

Distributed intelligence and Active Network management solutions for gas utilities and smart cities.

By enabling true interoperability and distributed intelligence, OpenWay Riva™ is the next-generation IoT solution for smart utilities and cities—and delivers greater business outcomes than ever before.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced, insightful data collection and utilization to make your operations more efficient and reliable.
With Itron’s AMI solutions, you can propel your operations to the next level and deliver the service — and value — your customers demand.
  • OpenWay Riva™ AMI solution from Itron — delivering greater business outcomes than ever before.
  • Itron Analytics — Make the most of your smart grid and AMI data with powerful, outcome-based analytics from Itron.

Automated Meter Reading

Simplified collection of data from meters using RF and drive- or walk-by technology.
When Itron's handheld and mobile data collection systems are combined with our proven communication module technology and intuitive software, you can operate more efficiently, engage your customers and ensure overall system integrity. Learn more about ChoiceConnect.

Gas Meters + Modules

From smart residential meters to complex C&I applications, Itron has metering solutions for your needs.

Gas Regulator Technology

Pressure-reducing regulators designed for safety, accuracy and dependable use. 

Regulator Sizing Application

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Whether on premise or managed by us, Itron has the right mix of technology, services and experience to deliver outstanding results.

Hardware. Software. Services. Whatever you need, Itron has the right mix of technology, services and experience to deliver outstanding results. Let our comprehensive services offerings drive your success.