Helping Municipal & Cooperative Utilities Thrive in Today's Changing Landscape

Itron is committed to developing long-term relationships with utilities and cities. Learn how we’re partnering with municipal and cooperative utilities to help navigate challenges of aging distribution infrastructure, rising consumer expectations and the advent of new technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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Learn how our solutions are tailored to address the unique challenges of municipal and cooperative energy and water utilities.

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Endless Possibilities for Smart Utilities and Cities – Simplified

Itron’s solutions offer proven reliability, intelligent connectivity and valuable outcomes that are making an impact on communities worldwide. We’ve taken the best of our investments in technology to help you deliver more. More operational efficiency. More options to expand service offerings. And most importantly, more value for your customers and members.

Smart Networks

The only way to manage the grid of the future is to have it help manage itself. Learn how we’re redefining what's possible with intelligent connectivity.

Discover the Active Grid
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One network, multiple applications
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Grid Management

Unify the ways you automate and control your grid. Optimize power flows, proactively identify trouble spots and fix problems before they become problems.

Learn more about the future of intelligent distribution
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Advanced Applications

Keep the lights on and your customers and members happy.

Provide near real-time outage intelligence, improve reliability, optimize operations and achieve cost-savings through Outage Analysis
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A smarter way to conserve water
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How utilities are managing a new era of demand response
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Innovating gas safety for all
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Smarter Communities

Did you know that adding controls to streetlights can deliver up to 30% in energy savings? And that’s just the first step. You can use streetlights as a network foundation for a host of smart city applications.

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Streetlights can provide a solid network foundation
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Detecting and Solving Water Consumption Issues

Learn how the City of Bismarck Public Works finds and detects water leaks with Itron

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A Strong Partner to Help You Every Step of the Way


Trusted & Proven Partner

We invented AMR. We now have more than 200M connected devices globally. Smart utilities and cities aren't just something we do — it’s all we do.


Protect & Grow Investments

Transformation isn't easy. We're ready with multiple ways you can take your next steps from AMR to AMI and beyond. At your own pace.


Maximize Outcomes

Empower edge devices to access, analyze and act on data at the right place, at the right time. This is the power of IoT — today and in the future.

Learn How to Take Your Next Step Toward AMI and Beyond

Rethink traditional AMI network management and day-to-day operations with Itron. Our proven solutions are unlocking new possibilities for smart utilities and cities.

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