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Distributed Intelligence

Manage rapidly changing conditions in real time.

Solve problems for utilities and smart cities with a diverse ecosystem of devices to communicate and collaborate intelligently at the edge of the network.

Solving critical power grid challenges in innovative new ways.

Improve grid efficiency, reliability and safety while transforming customer service and accommodating more distributed energy resources onto the grid.

maximize operational efficiences

Increase Operational Efficiency

Establish measured improvements in grid efficiency including location awareness, safety and reliability, and outage and restoration detection.


Transform Customer Service

Optimize the effectiveness of load control, demand response and dynamic pricing programs.

Smart network

Maintain Distribution Network Stability & Operation

Monitor and manage operations in real time through transformer management, demand response and voltage optimization.

Related Use Cases

High Impedance Detection

Rely on advanced sensing and data processing to spot high-impedance faults and related grid safety issues without a significant investment in distribution automation equipment.

Grid Modernization & Volt/VAR Optimization

Optimize grid performance and reliability, modernize the electric grid, create greater efficiency and deliver cost savings by responding in real time to precise conditions.

Meter Bypass Detection

Use real-time, high-resolution data analysis to detect customer energy theft.


Residential Neutral Fault Detection

Provide real-time identification of conditions where the neutral is broken or in poor condition, and the customer or transformer ground connection is faulty.

Outage Detection & Analysis

Provide more timely and accurate reporting by communicating and analyzing both localized and wide-scale outages.


Location Awareness

Effectively use smart meters as grid sensors to know exactly where these assets are in relation to others in your distribution network.

The Active Grid

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Distributed intelligence.

Enhance the capability of Itron’s network by delivering high-performance communications and innovative distributed applications to solve critical challenges facing the world's power grids.

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Electricity Analytics

Lower costs, improve results and address challenges by resolving issues such as reliability, power quality, theft and transformer loading.

Itron Networks

Enable true interoperability and distributed intelligence to deliver business outcomes for utilities and smart cities.

AMI Operations

Enhance operational efficiency and deliver the functional capabilities needed to more efficiently manage and operate your AMI system at scale.

Meter Data Management System

Drive electric, gas and water outcomes and provide mission-critical data to support applications for meter-to-cash and beyond.

Managed Services

Our managed services will provide you with a lower TCO, the ability to scale instantly, enhanced security, faster implementation and rapid innovation.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Leverage a proven ecosystem that connects millions of devices and revolutionizes distributed intelligence to deliver real-time solutions to today’s challenges.


High Impedance Detection

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Location Awareness

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Outage Detection

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Residential Neutral Fault Detection

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Theft Detection

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Itron and Utilidata Launch a Grid Voltage Control ‘App’ for Next-Generation Smart Meters

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OpenWay Riva

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Detecting Theft

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