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reduce wasted energy

Reduce Wasted Energy

With up to 50% energy savings and 20% operational savings, smart street lighting is the ideal starting point for a smart city initiative.

Monitor, Manage and Control Connected Smart City Assets

Provide real-time visibility and control with the world’s most widely adopted smart city management software.

foundation for growth

Build a Foundation for Growth

Deliver innovative services and create new revenue streams by layering on additional solutions from our diverse ecosystem of partners.

Customer successes

Enhance Sustainability and Commuter Safety

Saving energy and promoting sustainable transportation are essential pillars of Copenhagen’s vision to become carbon neutral by 2025. By modernizing the street lighting infrastructure to intelligent LEDs, the city has achieved significant energy savings of 76% across more than 18,500 networked streetlights.

76% energy savings from upgrading to LED luminaires

Create a Greener and More Efficient City

Florida Power and Light is deploying North America’s largest networked street lighting program to connect and control more than 500,000 street lights. A multi-application network and SLV software are powering more efficient operations, reducing energy consumption and maintenance needs while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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60% energy savings

Saving Money for Taxpayers

“By converting our streetlights to LED technology, we are modernizing Chicago’s infrastructure, creating new jobs and saving taxpayers more than $100 million over the next decade.”

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$10M projected annual savings from reducing energy use

Featured Use Cases

Dynamic Dimming

Improve visibility for pedestrians and cyclists by automatically adjusting lighting levels on-the-fly.

Real-time Asset Management & Control

Improve asset management with real-time visibility into nearly every aspect of the luminaire and pole.

Lighting Failure Detection & Outage Response

Proactively alert users of issues that arise in the field such as lamp failure, location change or power supply failures.

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The Itron Partner Ecosystem

Driving innovation is key to our shared success. Our open platform enables a diverse ecosystem of solutions from best-of-breed technology partners to encourage competition and increase choice.


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