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Automated Meter Reading

Accurate. Efficient. Flexible.

Drive down operating costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve employee safety.

Boost employee efficiency by a factor of 10 (seriously).

We know all about Automated Meter Reading (AMR) because we made it an industry standard. Now you can put our unique expertise and leadership to use for you. Rely on Itron’s AMR solution to remotely read usage data to improve service, protect against revenue loss, cut costs and streamline field operations with a variety of deployment options.

improve accuracy

Improve Data Accuracy

Close service calls faster by pulling up granular usage data collected with 99% accuracy.

protect tampering

Protect Against Tampering

Set usage thresholds, then be alerted to possible service theft or meter hacks.

collect efficiently

Collect Efficiently

Collect via walk-by, drive-by, network or any combination of these methods.

Customer Success Story

Gaining Insight and Efficiencies from AMR Collection

“The ability to do reads with the drive-by system to get the whole picture of the month, or consecutive months, of customer usage—it really helps our people determine whether we need to send another man on out to check on that meter.”

Per-read costs dropped 90%

Featured Use Cases

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Streamline Operations

Efficiently collect the data you need with Itron AMR solutions and then leverage that data to respond to customer expectations, all while gaining helpful insights into when and where to deploy personnel.

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Enhance Customer Service

Improve customer satisfaction by providing granular usage data that can help identify anomalies, detect leaks or waste and more. Close service calls faster by calling up specific data to help customers understand their usage and how they can reduce bills.

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Detect Tampering

Uncover evidence of unusual usage or possible tampers by setting thresholds and responding quickly when they’re exceeded with Itron AMR solutions.

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Detect Leaks & Waste

Pinpoint high flow rates, continuous flow and other signals of water loss. Respond rapidly by transitioning AMR meters to an AMI environment.

Gas | Water |

Collect & Manage Data

Gain greater insight into usage trends, identify potential problems and line leaks and drive more informed business decisions via AMR-supported analytics.

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Improve Employee Health and Safety

Remove employees from encounters with dangerous animals, insects and other hazards AMR solutions.

Itron Mobile

Make Meter Data Collection Efficient and Safe
Maximize employee productivity—and ensure their safety—by deploying Itron Mobile. This flexible solution lets you mix walk-by reading with drive-by collection to fit your needs. Choose from an array of devices, including the mobile phones and tablets your workforce already uses. Achieve a 100% completion rate on meter reads and more.

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