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smarter reliable grid

A Smarter, More Reliable Grid

An active, intelligent network uses analytics at all points of the grid to reduce outage detection times, detect and prevent unsafe grid conditions and improve reliability.

Proven performance

Proven Performance

With more than 200 million devices connected worldwide, we know how to connect you with your data.

industry leadership

Industry Leadership

Ranked No. 1 in electric grid and gas network deployments in North America, we’ve partnered for decades with the world’s most progressive IOUs, municipal and cooperative utilities, and cities.

Long term partner

A Reliable, Long-term Partner

With more than 8,000 customers in 100 countries, we demonstrate our commitment to our customers daily.  

Customer Successes

Connecting with Customers Through AMI

A more efficient energy services delivery system, more insights into system performance, more accurate billing, improved outage detection, better consumer engagement—it’s all part of Consumer Energy’s effort to modernize its electric and gas distribution system.

Customer satisfaction has increased 140%

Reducing Theft, Improving Safety and Lowering Costs for Customers

Data from Itron’s smart grid solution—delivered over an intelligent, advanced network—helped this Vancouver, B.C. utility cut energy theft, improve safety and keep costs low for nearly 2 million consumers in British Columbia, Canada.

Cut energy theft by 80%

Improving Reliability and Efficiency with a Single Network for Multiple Smart Grid Services

“The smart grid program is delivering on its promise to generate efficiencies and we are pleased to pass-along those savings to our customers by decreasing their electric delivery costs. The investments in the smart grid program are producing a stronger, more reliable system with fewer outages. Those results mean less operational costs and greater savings for our customers.” - Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO, ComEd

46% reduction in frequency of customer interruptions and 32% reduction in customers impacted by storms

Achieve a balanced grid—at optimal cost

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Deploy more than a cash register

Deliver what the market demands

Helping municipal & cooperative utilities thrive.

Itron is committed to developing long-term relationships with utilities and cities. Learn how we’re partnering with municipal and cooperative utilities to help navigate challenges of aging distribution infrastructure, rising consumer expectations and the advent of new technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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Related Use Cases

Business Outcomes

Let Itron deliver outcomes that produce measurable results and ROI, including increased revenue, reduced costs, reduced risk, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced safety and reliability.

Electricity AMI

Remotely connect and disconnect service, automate grid performance and empower consumers.

Distributed Energy Management

Dynamic pricing. Load control. Integrated distributed energy resources. Distribution automation. As a leader in demand response and energy efficiency solutions for electricity utilities, Itron is your one-stop shop for redefining demand response.

Distribution Automation

Optimize real-time grid operations and improve asset management and planning with enhanced automation, visibility and control across your distribution network.

Smart Cities

Reimagine how you can deliver services to improve efficiencies, reach sustainability goals, create economic opportunities and enhance quality of life for citizens. Our solutions cover sustainable and resilient infrastructure, mobility, safety and security, digital services and more.

Network Management

With flexible solution delivery models, Itron Global Services offers a range of network infrastructure hosting and multiple service-based models to reduce your investment and operational risk. We stand up for the performance of our solutions over the course of your business initiative.

Make solar work

Integrating renewable energy sources like solar and wind makes accurate energy demand forecasting more important than ever. Itron’s forecasting framework and software accurately predicts the load volatility caused by intermittent resources—and equips utilities to schedule reserve generation much more cost effectively.

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